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If you have questions or need further info, or wish to chat about your project goals, your market and how we can help, please do book a free, no-obligation tour of our experience and the program as it related to your needs. Startup Academy Consultation

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The Fine Print

The Academy program does not cover every attraction or project scope in detail. Some projects, such as larger mutli-attraction indoor amusement parks, full scale bowling centers, or go-kart facilities, haunted attractions, or those relying more on F&B vs. entertainment may not be best suited. The program’s sweet spot are indoor facilities under 20,000 sqft incorporating any of the following; indoor play, blacklight attractions, laser tag, mini-bowling, arcade and redemption games, mini-golf, VR, other interactive games, escape rooms and social competition. Food & beverage as a service along with retail and merchandising, parties, groups, corporate events and team building programs. If you are unsure, please reach out to us for a no-obligation chat about your project goals. Thank you.