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Fun Center Academy is the product & services payment gateway for the FEC Network and our affiliate sites.

Fun Center Academy offers a  variety of products, services and tools for the new amusement developer, existing amusement business owners, equipment manufacturers and other service providers.

As with all our products – we are available 6 days a week to support your needs. If you have any issue, concern, question or comments, please call on us.

Start, Manage, Grow.

Fun Center Academy is your home for project feasibility, and development.

playing air hockey at a fun center
junior construction worker starting a new amusement business

29 Years of Amusement Business Experience...

In the fun business since 1995.

From startup, operations, management and marketing, to attraction design, facility layout and construction.

Previous to that, a long and successful career in experience design, audio video, lighting, content development, project management and group sales.

As part of the FEC Network, Fun Center Academy is dedicated to helping new  amusement developers, research, discover, plan, design and build their own community based amusement or fun center business.

Sometimes, just a little help and guidance is all that it takes…

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Perhaps your idea is a smaller, under 2,000 square foot indoor play cafe, or a 25,000 square foot multi-attraction community fun center for the entire family.

With years experience as both operator and supplier, we have the resources and experience to help guide you through the feasibility, planning and startup process.


We know the ‘American Dream’ is still alive and burning in many of us. Small business is, and will always be the backbone of any thriving economy.

We are also aware of the economic situation for many would-be entrepreneurs today, with dual income family responsibilities and restrictions on time and travel. Starting a new business can sometimes seem like a far off, never-ending dream.


That’s where we can help. We designed the Startup Academy program as an online, fun center ‘go-at-your-own-pace’ resource for amusement business start-ups.

A modular approach to getting your project concept flushed out, and your business plan completed and ready for potential funders.  To learn more, follow the link below. 

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After a lengthy shut-down pandemic, communities every where are eager to get back to face-to-face fun and social experiences. Now is the time to be preparing your business plan and project goals.